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Emperor BIO-Wheel Powerfilters

Stealth Heater

Aqualight Single Strip Lights Freshwater

CO2 System Semi-Automatic

Aquarium Heater and Thermometer

The heater is used to maintain the tank temperature between 74 - 80 degrees. This is important because all fish except goldfish come from tropical areas. Heaters come in different watts for different size tanks. The rule of thumb is to use 4 times the amount of gallons in watts for your tank. An example is a 30 gal tank would be: 30 times 4 = 120 watts so the when you buy a heater to not go below this calculated number. Heaters usually go in increments of 50 so you would use a 150 watt heater. Many aquarists use 2 heaters in case one breaks. You need a thermometer to check and adjust the water temperature.

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Good Aquarium Heater

Stealth Heater
Submersible aquarium heater combines style with reliable performance. Durable, shatterproof heater construction with "stealth" design. Accurately maintains aquarium water temperature within 1 Fahrenheit Sleek, inconspicuous aquarium heater design incorporates accurate, shatterproof performance. Reinforced plastic casing protects the components against thermal and mechanical shock to eliminate shattering. More Information
Better Aquarium Heater

Durable aquarium heater resists damage for reliable heater performance. Tubular heater design prevents temperature variation in aquarium. sUse as a conventional aquarium heater or connect to RENA Smart Filter Unbreakable SmartHeater is safe to the touch even when heating. Durable plastic housing resists mechanical and heat impact. More Information
Best Aquarium Heater

Fluval E Series Heaters
Innovative electronic heater for fresh and saltwater aquariumsAdvanced aquarium heater detects abnormal or non-optimal conditions. Heater microprocessor monitors and displays aquarium water temperature. The most technologically advanced submersible aquarium heaters available today. Fluval E Series heaters employ an advanced digital microprocessor to continuously monitor and display aquarium water temperature. More Information
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Big Digital Temp
Alert 4" x 4" x 3/4
Temp Alert is a large face, digital thermometer with four alert features. Displays both the aquarium water temperature and room temperature in Fahrenheit. Alarm will sound and LCD flashes in the following alert modes: High Temp Alert Only (probe), Low Temp Alert Only (probe), Both High and Low Temp Alert (air/room), Both High and Low Temp Alert (probe). Includes 3 ft cord with all plastic probe and suction cup. More Information